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Metahero / $HERO crypto
Metahero / $HERO crypto

Metahero / $HERO

Metahero mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of crypto by bringing in the next 10M users with next-gen 3D technology & deflationary tokenomics.

We are proud to have partnered with Wolf Studio, a global leader in 3D scanning and modeling. Create avatars for gaming, social, fashion, and scan artwork to create NFTs. The use cases of our technology are only limited by your imagination.


  • The first of its kind deflationary token with real world utility. Ideal for investors.
    Commercialized technology
  • Our technology has been used by the likes of Ferrari, CD Project & Disney.
  • Ultra-HD Metascanning Technology
  • 16K Ultra-HD
  • 3D scanning like the world has never seen before. NFT technology of the future.
  • Our team is a seasoned and tightly knit tribe. We’re level 99 builders.
  • Custom built smart contracts that are superior in terms of efficiency and cost.
  • Be Your Own Hero with our 3D Technology
  • Create your own 3D avatar
  • Scan & create 3D NFTs
  • Use HERO token to transact
  • Full synchronization simultaneous triggering of cameras
  • 1/120 second time of taking the measurement (photograms)
  • Quick assembly & disassembly complete mobility with system of folding columns
  • 64 cameras 16 mobile columns with a server unit, 4 cameras each
  • Only $HERO can be used to transact in our ecosystem for real world utility.


  • Deflation
    • HERO is a deflationary token with a 0-10% fee on each transaction.
  • Smart Staking
    • 0-2% of each transaction is redistributed to all HERO holders.
  • Burn
    • 0-2% of each transaction is forever burned ensuring an ever decreasing supply of HERO.
  • Auto Liquidity
    • 0-6% of each transaction is automatically added to locked liquidity.
  • Buyback & Burn
    • A buyback & burn can be initiated when liquidity exceeds $10M


  • Designed for HEROs
  • Metascanning
  • Use the HERO app to pay for scans at our 3D Chamber locations.
  • Granular statistics
  • If you love numbers you’ll be able to monitor all HERO stats in one place.
  • Staking rewards. See exactly how many HERO tokens you get as a reward for hodling.

What we have been/are working on

  • Setting up legal entity
  • $10M seed funding from Robert Gryn
  • Securing strategic partners & advisors
  • Creating proprietary smart contract architecture
  • Core team formation
  • Verify metascanner locations
  • HERO app development
  • Awareness marketing, PR campaigns, sponsorships & partnerships
  • Metahero 3D chamber
  • Metahero podcast
  • Metahero 3D NFT marketplaceImplementation of fiat to HERO onramp solution
  • Launch Metahero 3D franchise
  • Further Metahero 3D chamber locations
  • Publish 10-year plan to scale to 100M users

How to buy Metahero

You can buy Metahero on PancakeSwap

Metahero contract :


Metahero contact information





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