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SLAM Token

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SLAM token
SLAM token


SLAM token is the governance token of Slam’s Casino platform. We have build the world’s 1st casino game with a negative house edge. Meaning the players will always have mathematical advantage over the house. Making it easier for them to win against the casino.

Our game is provably fair, meaning its authenticity can be verified using hash ID and a verifier. Imagine gambling at a casino knowing that it’s 100% fair and you are in a better position than the house. This is what we offer.

SLAM Token has and always will be the governance token of every platform under the SLAM Ecosystem. We will continue to find and integrate ways into our products that encourages everyone to be a SLAM holder in the long term. SLAM Ecosystem will continue to grow with all the products and platforms we plan on adding.

Renounced ownership

We have renounced the ownership of the contract. Here are all the details:

  • Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 $SLAM
  • Presale: 300,000,000,000 $SLAM
  • Locked Liquidity: 225,000,000,000 $SLAM / Until April 2022
  • Burn Wallet: 245,000,000,000 • Initial Burn: 125,000,000,000 / Burned
  • Manual Burn: 120,000,000,000 / %50 Burned
  • Casino Bankroll: 150,000,000,000 / Vesting Schedule – %50 Still Locked
  • Dev/Marketing/Team: 74,000,000,000 / Vesting Schedule – %50 Still Locked 0x2d045410f002a95efcee67759a92518fa3fce677 / Locked DxSale Wallet

Holders are always rewarded

There is a %10 transaction fee to buy or sell $SLAM.

5% goes to the liquidity pool while other

5% is redistributed amongst SLAM holders. This ensures that holders are always rewarded while LP is getting bigger with each transaction.

Our products

Slam Swap

Slam Swap is a product that we have launched in our first month. PancakeSwap has been the leading DEX on BSC for sometime. They use pretty much the same AMM model Uniswap uses with a few extra features.

But monopolization is never good. Especially in a decentralized environment. PancakeSwap
doesn’t have a very friendly UI for new traders especially with their impossible to understand
errors. And the way they handled their biggest migration yet from V1 to V2 has been
absolutely horrific. We deep dived into what they struggled with, integrated those solutions
into Slam Swap…

SLAM Vegas

We have signed an agreement with “Evolution Gaming” that is licensed and has over hundreds of casino and live games. Slam Vegas will have blackjack, roulette and baccarat with live dealers, slot games and live games (such as Crazy Time etc.) in our lobby.

Tournaments will not be available initially. But we have plans to hold charity events, special collaborations with other tokens and sponsor Twitch/YouTube streamers.

Slam Charts

Slam Charts is another product that we have launched in our first month. It’s part of our ecosystem equipped with tools to serve traders on BSC and soon other blockchains as well.

All of its features are completely free unlike PooCoin which is the most used platform for
now. You can track whales, convert any crypto or fiat and see the token’s true USD value on
charts compared to BNB value. On the left hand side of the chart you can see the market cap
data as well as LP amount in USD for V1 & V2.

Our ambition for Slam Charts to be the ultimate stop for traders to keep track of their crypto
investments through their phones…

Slam Crash

A game where there will be features only available for SLAM holders. Such

  • Chat feature
  • Being able to add friends
  • Bet behind feature
  • Special Badges
  • Background color change

How to buy SLAM token

You can buy SLAM token on PancakeSwap

SLAM token contract :


SLAM token contact information





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