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DeRace ($DERC)

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DeRace ($DERC)
DeRace ($DERC)

DeRace ($DERC)

DeRace is a complete NFT horse racing ecosystem where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, build your own NFT hippodrome and make profit while doing it.


All in-game transactions on DeRace platform are made exclusively in $DERC even if displayed in any other crypto or fiat currency.

$DERC holders take part in the decision-making governance process with regards to the development of the platform.

700 Billion market Revolution

$DERC is a combination of 3 booming multi-billion-dollar markets, video gaming, gambling, and horse racing all together valued by more than $700 billion.

DeRace Features

Creating new standard for gaming and staking.

Unlike in the real world, all DeRace horse races and bets are proven by blockchain provable RNG, leaving no room for the shadow of a doubt.

DeRace is community gain focused

Become a bookmaker. Community control the stakes in their own hippodromes.

NFTs with a purpose

DeRace is breathing new life in the static NFT market allowing players to fully interact with their DNA enriched NFT horses and have total control over their hippodromes.

In addition an ETF will be issued. Which will act as a basket of many horses. Generating Cashflow and setting accurate price.

NFT horses

One of a kind horses that differ in both traits (rarity, performance, cool-down time) and visual appearances

Horse breeding

Corresponding NFT horse genetics. Breeding via Genetic Algorithm and Ethereum Smart Contract.

Horse races

Horse races are based on RNG technology. The winner gets all participant fees and a % from bettor stakes.

NFT Hippodromes

Horse races take place in hippodromes owned by bookmakers. Bookmakers make a profit from fees and bets made before the race.

Horse betting

DeRace betting is transparent, calculations and coefficients are fully automated by an algorithm.

In-game horse marketplace

NFT horses can be bought and sold both in the DeRace marketplace or in any other NFT marketplaces.

world’s first cashflow ETF

The underlying horses could be used within the DeRace ecosystem to generate cash flow, which will then be used to burn ETF tokens.


The ETF will reflect the live value of the underlying horses. It will be liquid and hence confidence-indusive to most crypto holders, along with a clear market price.


It will be net deflationary as a means to highlight DeRace as one of the few NFT developments that is first and foremost a product, and that too with a business model.

DeRace Doxxed team

The project is led by a team of professionals some of them with public LinkedIn profiles.

DeRace Ethereum contract :


DeRace BSC contract :


DeRace contact information





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