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EverRise crypto token
EverRise crypto token


EverRise is a hyper-deflationary crypto token, which rewards investors for holding tokens, while also incorporating the Buyback approach currently present in the stock market. EverRise is the first cryptocurrency ever to include automatic Buyback.

What is Buyback?

If a particular stock has low value, but has the potential to perform better in the future, often companies will announce a buyback of the stock in the open market. Once companies announce the buyback, investors gain more confidence to purchase, and hold the stock as well. Additionally, the demand increases as the company starts buying the stock, which ultimately will drive the stock to raise.

At EverRise, we chose to apply the Buyback concept to cryptocurrency, and encourage investors to hold the token.


EverRise collects 6% Buyback tax on each transaction and maintains it under contract.Whenever a Sell happens, a fraction of the Buyback amount is used to automatically buy from the Liquidity Pool and burns those tokens accordingly.

What’s So Great About That?

There are 3 advantages:

1.Raise in Value

○After the tokens from the Liquidity pool are bought, the new BNB amount is added to the pool and the amount of the tokens are reduced, which results in an increase in price.

2.Free BNB

○Once those tokens are burnt, it is like adding free BNB to the pool as there are no tokens to sell in the future.

3.Trust & Reliability

○Investors can be relentlessly hesitant, and often get spooked by a bearish market.

○Because of the Buyback, Investors will never see more than 2 Sells at any time and 98% of the time, they will only see one Sell as there will always be a Buy from the contract


With ‘EverOwn’, we will create a new contract, where ownership of any projects can be transferred to this ‘EverOwn’ contract.

●EverOwn will have no functions other than the ones which deal with ownership.

●We will build a new dApp to interact with the ‘EverOwn’.

●Project owners can transfer their ownership free of charge. However, to re-claim the ownership, they have to pay a fee along with the approved voting of the community.

●Investors will have the option to vote on the dApp, whether the owner is allowed to re-claim or not, and owners can transfer back the ownership to ‘EverOwn’ after the issue is fixed.Another advantage of transferring the ownership to the contract is that the new liquidity which gets generated will be auto assigned to the ‘EverOwn’ contract and owner will not have accept to that and it can avoid the rug pull.


Another dApp which will be created to lock the Liquidity Pool or Custom Tokens

How to buy EverRise

Contract: 0xC7D43F2B51F44f09fBB8a691a0451E8FFCF36c0a

Where: PancakeSwap

EverRise contact informatiom





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