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Safegem Finance

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Safegem Finance

SafeGem is working on revolutionizing the Jewelry Industry by authenticating precious stones in the blockchain through NFTs. The project’s vision is to conceive a brand-new use case in using the unique benefits the blockchain can offer by creating an exclusive platform that will authenticate precious stones and jewelry through NFT digital certificates.

SafeGem’s tokenomics rewards its holders with a 6% reflection and a 5% continuous burn.

Why the name SafeGem?

All crypto investors are in the continuous search of the true gem. Something that offers great returns, while creating something meaningful as well. We truly believe that the blockchain offers countless undiscovered ways to exploit its functionalities. Such new technology combined with an experienced and dedicated team with a vision is the ultimate recipe for a GEM.
Residents of the crypto space are well aware that this world is literally the wild west, and one needs to be extremely careful where they invest their valuable funds. The SafeGem team strives to offer the SAFETY of a promising project by implementing never-seen-before safety measures in its smart contract.

Anti-Dump / Anti-whale Protocol

We use MaxTX, a smart contract function that protects against massive dumps from whales, meaning that one transaction can’t exceed a certain percentage of the circulating supply. In our case, this is 0.1% of the total supply. Meaning you can buy or sell a maximum of 0.1% of the Total $GEMS Supply.

e.g; Total Supply is 94,000 Trillion $GEMS

So you can buy or sell 94 Trillion $GEMS in one transaction but the MaxTX protocol will forbid you to buy or sell 95 Trillion $GEMS.

However, you are allowed to buy more than 94 Trillion $GEMS in two or more transactions.

Liquidity locked with DXLocker for 1 year.

​Dev and Marketing wallet locked for 30 days with gradual unlocking procedure.

Ownership renouncement

Once safegem gets listed on all desired CEXes, ownership will be renounced so SafeGem will become a true community-owned token.

Where to buy SafeGem

Pancake Swap

Contract: 0xDfDec49462f7D3C3b0A48E729F77A0645CDFA7c0

SafeGem Contact information

đź’Ž Name: SafeGem Finance

đź’ŽSymbol: $GEMS

đź’ŽBlockchain: Binance Smart Chain

đź’ŽLaunch date: 27 April 2021

đź’ŽAudit Passed


🔥73.5% of Total Supply is Already Burned







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