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NEWDOGE has one purpose.  To be the currency chosen by the people for the future of the people. Our mission is to build the coolest community on the planet, get listed on every exchange and become the worlds most popular currency.

We can make this happen.  The DOGE family has already shown the world what we are capable of. Now is the time we take this to the next level.  Whatever we decide to do as a community we will do moving forward.

The future of the NEWDOGE ecosystem will contain a suite of integrations currently in development including an NFT Marketplace, an online merchandise shop and our very own SWAP exchange with the NEWDOGE Token at the center of it all.

We are a 100% community driven project with a truly fair launch.  We are a 100% Decentralized Token with the goal to build enormous wealth to everyone involved in our community. Simply put, we are constantly working to build a strong community that wants to work together to help each other make money that is not controlled by the banksters.


  • 1,000,000,000,000,000 Tokens Created. This is the capped total supply of NEWDOGE that will ever exist.
  • 50% of token supply burned over the next 25 years. 500,000,000,000,000 Scheduled Burn. Half of the NEWDOGE token supply will be burned. NEWDOGE will be doing a SCHEDULED BURN, eliminating tokens on a monthly and annual basis. The value of doing this is 2 fold.
    • First, it makes it harder for whales to affect the price by selling when half of the supply is in the BURN WALLET. By burning half of the supply it makes it more difficult for the price to drop as much when a whale decides to sell as 50% of the supply is not available to the public.
    • Second, by burning on a monthly and annual basis this will lower the circulating supply and make all NEWDOGE tokens more valuable since there will be less available on the market and over time.

Fair Launched

There wasn’t any presale. We want everyone to be able to buy coins at the same time. With a presale that would allow people to load their bags early which they could then dump later on. By releasing all the available tokens at the same time this allows for a truly fair crypto.


The project is lead by a doxxed team and has been audited by TechRate

Continued Development

Half of the NEWDOGE token supply was immediately paired with WBNB then added to PancakeSwap and liquidity tokens were collected. The initial liquidity will be locked for 2.5 years. 10% will be unlocked quarterly and used to fund continued development. The dev team will be in regular communication with the community to determine the best way to utilize these funds.

How to buy NEWDOGE

You can buy NEWDOGE on PancakeSwap

NEWDOGE contract :


NEWDOGE contact information






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