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Save Your Assets ($SYA)

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Save Your Assets ($SYA)
Save Your Assets ($SYA)

Save Your Assets ($SYA)

The Save Your Assets ($SYA) DeFi experiment is a new type of deflationary currency applying autonomous yield and liquidity generation. The $SYA Protocol uses Tax, Reflection (Instant & Rewarded), LP Acquisition and Burn.

$SYA is for generation GameStop. Join the ride.

$SYA is for generation GameStop. An autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. Community led. For humans, by humans.

The protocol automatically applies a 10% tax to each transaction that is distributed gasless.

$SYA tokenomics

On each transaction, $SYA applies a 10% tax. This tax is used to distribute rewards to you automatically.

  • 2% – Instant Boost – $SYA holders automatically receive more $SYAs every time a trade is made (proportionally to the % held)
  • 2% – Community Boost – 2% is reserved and accumulated for the $SYA holders and unlocked when the community achieves milestones. These rewards can be unlocked in the SYA Radar.
  • 1% – Charity Donation – We’re committed to using our voices to do good in the world. Hence, we will be donating 1% of all trades towards the 17 sustainable development goals set by the UN.
  • 2% – Instant Burn – 2% will be burnt instantly, thus decreasing the total number of circulating $SYA supply whilst increasing the value of each $SYA respectively
  • 2% – Liquidity Pool – The fee is added to the liquidity pool by transforming it into BNB/ SYA LP tokens, which causes a permanently increasing price floor.
  • 1% – Marketing Wallet – 1% gets distributed towards a marketing wallet which is used to grow the $SYA brand, host meme contests, AR games and more.

Save Your Assets Utility

Flooz.Trade! Built by the $SYA Devs

$SYA is the Token. Flooz the utility. With the $SYA Team has built a powerful layer on top of your favorite exchanges to enable trading coins at light speed.

Flooz.Trade is the Skyscanner of Crypto. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. Go to Flooz.Trade and connect your wallet to be able to purchase the $SYA Token (and many more… )

$SYA Radar

The $SYA Radar is our first product aiming to humanize crypto. Using the $SYA radar, users no longer have to visit BSCScan or our profiles on CoinGecko/ CoinMarketCap anymore as we present all relevant information up to date and at a glance.

  • You can connect any crypto wallet to the Radar.
  • You can see meaningful analytics in a playful way including the # of $SYA held, price per $SYA, $ value of $SYAs, market cap, # of token-holders.
  • You can also watch the state of your community boosts. Community boosts are rewards $SYA distributes to token-holders once the community has reached community goals, e.g. number of total token-holders.
  • You can also view all your activities. Activities are interactions between the connected wallet and the $SYA ecosystem. It shows a chronological list of all activities/ trades (e.g. buy, sell, instant boosts, community boosts, airdrops…).

‍We are unique. We are the creators. We are the future of work.

Save Your Assets contract :


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