Terra Tritium

Project Overview: Terra Tritium is a unique WEB3 blockchain game, featuring a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy (MMO RTS) with a sci-fi theme and Proof of Work in Game (mining) concept. The TRIT Token serves as the in-game cryptocurrency, allowing players to purchase exclusiveNFT, resources and items.


  • Total Supply: 495,000,000 TRIT
  • Distribution: Pre-Sales (20%), Regular Sales (48%), Marketing & Advertising (08%), Development (10%), In-Game Prizes/Earns (14%)
  • Burn Mechanism: 85% of all tokens used in-game will be burned, creating a deflationary system.

Unique Features:

  • Tritium Challenge (Ingame Mining): Players can mine Tritium on asteroids, introducing a strategic and competitive element to the game.
  • NFT KEY in Origins Collection: Allows access to a lost zone for parallel mining and additional gameplay.

Token Usage: TRIT will be used for in-game purchases, accessing exclusive areas, and participating in challenges.

Community Engagement: We have an active and growing community across various social media platforms, demonstrating strong interest and support for the Terra Tritium project.

overall: We believe that our unique combination of in-game mechanics, deflationary tokenomics, and NFT integration makes Terra Tritium an exciting addition to the crypto gaming space.


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