Vsion Hub Ecosystem (VSN)

“A web 3 ecosystem to enhance DeFi, education, and gaming, trough DAP ownership protocol”

Vsion Hub is a web 3 ecosystem where users find a variety of products and services to interact with by using VSN utility token. VSN (Vsion Hub Ecosystem) is a Binance Chain (BEP20) utility token to interact in academic emotional payments, minting NFTs, DeFi rewards, video gaming rewards, web 3 prediction games, lotteries and casino rewards. 

VSN holders may decide to become co-owners of the ecosystem by interacting with DAP Protocol NFTs . DAP Protocol is a diruptive business model where users enjoy permanent rewards from every business line in the ecosystem by holding a DAP Protocol NFT. Every DAP NFT represents a percentage (%) of the Ecosystem and can be exchanged at anytime through the Vsion Hub NFT marketplace. There is a limited supply of DAP NFTs representing the 100% of ecosystem.




Total Supply: 10,000,000.00


Audit :…0725_Audit.pdf





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