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TKBToken (TKB)

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TKBToken (TKB)
TKBToken (TKB)

TKBToken (TKB)

TKBToken, Three Kingdoms Battle, is a platform based on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) which combines Play To Earn NFT games and pool rewards to all NFT cards holders.

In TKB community, you get the chance to participate in the Three Kingdoms battle, and raise your own armies and battles against NPC or other real players world wide. What’s more is while you are indulge yourself into this “heart beating” era, you can also get tons of passive income, either by farming, PVE or PVP.

TKB gameplay & model

Players can purchase hero boxes from the Merchant store to receive generals in the form of NFT cards which can be deployed into farms to earn rewards. Battles between players and the evil Dong Zhuo will be available to earn even more rewards, special NFT cards and weapons.

At the same time, there are different types of daily and weekly events for the players to participate, generate “nice looking” passive income, and create more excitement for the players.

Players use $TKB in order to purchase hero boxes to generate various NFT cards, then NFT cards on the other hand, generate passive income for the players on a daily basis, so the players are actually investing in the game, and while they are playing the game in their free time, the game pays high interests back to the players. When the player doesn’t want to play the game anymore, he/she can decide to sell the NFT cards away for $TKB, which is similar like taking back your original investment fund from the game.

TKB token information


  • Buy tax: 0% for buy transaction
  • Sell tax: 7% for sell transaction
    • 6% of reflections will be added to the marketing wallet
    • 1% of reflections will be added to the community reward wallet

Total issue: 100,000,000

  • Late development: 4%
  • Whitelist Pre-sales: 24.9%
  • Contest rewards: 4%
  • Project fees: 1%
  • Community rewards: 1.31%
  • Liquidity pool: 27.9%
  • Mining pool: 30%
  • Dxsale re-balancing: 6.39%
  • Dxsale fees: 0.49%

TKBToken BSC contract :


TKBToken Links




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  1. A listing needs at least 1000 votes within 10 days to avoid being demoted to the Waiting Room.
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