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Deswap (DAW)

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Deswap (DAW)
Deswap (DAW)

Deswap (DAW)

Deswap is the first ever Decentralized Marketplace to lend loans, collect interest, and mint synthetic stablecoins built on polygon chain.

Deswap powers the world’s first decentralized stablecoin (YAI) built on polygon network, DAW, which is backed by a basket of stablecoins and crypto assets with no centralized control.

We are aiming to change the interaction between the lenders and borrowers so that people can exchange assets without seamlessly loosing their funds in the form of higher gas fee.

On the Polygon chain, the Deswap Protocol is designed to enable a comprehensive algorithmic money market protocol.

Deswap’s governance token is DAW and its core has been developed to facilitate both team and communal control. To establish a proposal, a proposer will need 500,000 DAW, and the proposal must be accepted by a quorum of at least 1,000,000 DAW.


The 3% share of the total supply of 100,000,000 DAW which is 3,000,000 DAW at first is allocated to IDOs or Launch Pads. The remaining supply will be reserved exclusively for the protocol and further operations, and 23% to team and resulting in 74,000,000 DAW being mined over 8 to 9 year period, starting after the IDO at a rate of 0.64 DAW per block (18,493 per day).

DAW is distributed based on liquidity mining, with borrowers receiving 30 percent of daily rewards, suppliers receiving 30 percent, and stable minters receiving 22 percent , 15% gets burned immediately and 3% get to ecosystem reserve fund.

23% tokens were allocated to the Development Fund for the core team, subject to the following vesting:

  • 80% locked once Token Sale distribution ended
  • 60% locked after 4 months
  • 40% locked after 8 months
  • 20% locked after 10 months
  • 0% locked after 14 months.

Features of Deswap platform

  • Constant growth – Expanding the audience and releasing new products leads new users and increases trust, which leads to increased demand for a token.
  • Security – The Polygon chain(s) operators are themselves Stakers and Delegates in a Proof-of-Stake system in the Matic Network.
  • Highest speed – Our Network is capable of doing 80k transactions per second.
  • Instant Liquidity – Borrow the Crypto on DEMAND which has access to instant liquidity.
  • Lowest Gas fee – Deswap has the lowest gas fee among other Lending major players in the market.
  • Scalability – Scalability is achieved through the use of a decentralised Plasma operator method that achieves finality on a polygon chain.

Deswap Polygon contract :


Deswap Links





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